ISS Institute provides Fellowships to talented Australians to travel overseas, gain enhanced skills pertaining to their industry and then return to share these new skills here in Australia. People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply for our Fellowships.

Our Fellows are provided with mentors, networks and the Fellowship opportunity gives them access to some of the best industry contacts in the world. Below is a message from ISS Institute’s Founder, Sir James Gobbo AC, CVO, and testimonials from a selection of our Fellows.

A Message From Our Founder

Sir James Gobbo AC, CVO
Founder of ISS Institute

“…We are a unique organisation. There is no other organisation that provides these kinds of Fellowships, it’s a gap that’s there that has not been able to be filled by others…Increasing productivity is what these scholarships and Fellowships are all about. We’ve had a great 21 years but the next 21 years will really rock you!” *


he Hon. Peter Hall MLC
Minister for Higher Education and Skills

“I was soon introduced to this organisation and its benefits and I was won over from the very first day. How could you not be…I have known Sir James and respected the work that he’s done in Victoria and now founding this organisation is a wonderful credit to him.” *

Christopher Bourne
2011 The George Alexander Foundation International Fellow

“The future of the Australian food processing industry needs a focus on the development of innovative, high quality, sustainable products. The George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship will give me the opportunity to learn from the world leaders in the thermal processing field and bring that knowledge back to Australia. As well as the overseas travel, the ongoing mentorship and support from both foundations will undoubtedly help me further my career. The opportunity to be a part of this program is truly fantastic – I can’t wait for the next stage of my journey!”

Patricia Chircop
2010 The George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellow

“The Fellowship allowed me to gain much needed knowledge unavailable in Australia, not only for my professional practice but also for the Australian Knitwear Industry. It allowed me make the most of opportunities, otherwise not likely to occur, and validate the independent hard work I have been doing over the last few years trying to gain industry experience. The opportunities have been in many forms, from the training I received overseas to the opportunities I created myself, by way of contacting people who share similar interests. The Fellowship also gave me the confidence to network under the umbrella of an official body as opposed to a young freelance designer and consultant. Overall it has been a fantastic experience and one I am sure that will bring many more opportunities!”

Francesca Jorio
2010 Skills Victoria Veneto (Italy) International TAFE Fellow

“As a past Fellow I can sincerely say that my experience has been life changing and most definitely an experience I will cherish forever. I am very enthusiastic of promoting the Fellowship and again thank you all for the hard work put in by ISS!”

Gerard Healey
2009 International Building and Construction Fellow

“The International Building and Construction Fellowship offered by the CPSISC and ISS Institute created opportunities for me that significantly boosted my career and personal development! Without the Fellowship I would not have been able to meet so many knowledgeable people and see so many fantastic buildings.”

Annabelle Coppin
2009 The George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellow

“The future of Australian agriculture is based upon innovation, flexibility and ever-increasing efficiencies. The George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellowship allowed me to step out of the day-to-day farming operations and travel overseas to develop a fresh vision for a more innovative and flexible marketing avenue for our cattle. Opportunities like this prove that the world is my oyster and opportunities in the industry endless.”

Julie Belle
2008 Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellow
ISS Institute Board Member

“[My] research was undertaken overseas in the USA and the UK at major production studios and highly regarded film and television schools – the BIG players! …Before I went in for an interview or meeting, I felt nervous…But, to my delight, I always left with a feeling of reassurance and the knowledge that we all shared the same problems, the same concerns, and I think most importantly, the same passion about our industry.” *

Karen O’Reilly-Briggs
2005 National ISS Institute Overseas Fellow

“I was extremely impressed by the ISS Institute’s vision. It made me think more carefully about the many skills deficiencies in my area of work. I was so impressed to learn that this organisation gave Fellowships to tradespeople, as I had never known of anyone offering these kinds of opportunities before. It is only through these overseas Fellowship opportunities that skills areas can be formally identified. For this reason, ISS Institute plays a very important role in the improvement of quality training in this country. I am hopeful that one day, we too will be in a position to introduce such quality pipe training here…”

* Extract from speech given at the 21st Annual Fellowship Awards.


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