Teaching Tomorrow’s automotive technology in today’s training environment


 Perpetual Foundation – Eddy Dunn Endowment


Improving workforce attraction and retention rates for Australian transport and logistics companies. Paul Kahlert, Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council Fellowship

Addressing the complexity of current and next generation vehicles 2015. Todd Finney, Perpetual Foundation – Eddy Dunn Endowment Fellowship

Preserving and Displaying Automotive Heritage. Michelangelo Bolognese, A George Alexander Foundation Fellowship



Automotive Vehicle Powertrains and E-Mobility – THE FUTURE. Ron Locandro, 2014 Italian Services Institute of Australia



Global Recreation Vehicle Production Standards. Vince Panozzo, Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) International TAFE Fellowship



Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance, Service and Repair. Alan Platt. Skills Victoria International TAFE Fellowship.

Skills Training in the Automotive Industry in China: Implications for the Australian Industry. Tao (George) Yue. Skills Victoria International TAFE Fellowship.


Motor Racing Training and Safety. A Comparison: The USA Versus Australia. Bayden Clissold. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.


Power Hammer Techniques and Applications for Creating Compound Curves in Sheet Metal. Jamie Downie. International ISS Institute/DEEWR
Trades Fellowship.


Servicing and Maintenance of New Generation Light Passenger Diesel Vehicles in Australia. Tony Harding. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Automotive Paint Technology Into the 21st Century. Craig Kelly. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.

Vehicle Recycling and Sustainability. Nova McNamara, The Pratt
Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.


Waste Management in the Automotive Collision Repair Industry. Garry Edwards. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


International Specialised Skills Institute