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ISS Institute Alumni ISS Institute supports a growing Alumni Network made up of the many hundreds of Fellows we have collaborated with and supported over the years. Our Alumni members support one another, share skills and mentor each other, as well as provide guidance to those Fellows just embarking on their ISS Institute Fellowship journey. [...]



Education and Training

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 Regenerating Rural Communities Through Activating Local and Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons for government & communities in a new world           Matt Pfalhert Dal Zotto Wines Pregnant and Parenting Teenagers In Education        Tina Bampton & Melinda Brown The Higher Education and Skills Increasing The Participation Of Single Mothers In Education [...]



Fellows and Associates 1991 to 2012

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Fellows 21st Annual ISS Institute Fellowship Awards NOVEMBER 2011 2011 AgriFood International Fellowship recipients with John Baker and the Hon. Peter Hall MLC 2011 AgriFood International Fellowships Dr Angus Crossan (NSW) is the Program Manager – R&D of Australian Egg Corporation Ltd. His study is to take place in the UK, Europe (the Netherlands), Canada […]

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