ISS Institute Alumni

ISS Institute supports a growing Alumni Network made up of the many hundreds of Fellows we have collaborated with and supported over the years. Our Alumni members support one another, share skills and mentor each other, as well as provide guidance to those Fellows just embarking on their ISS Institute Fellowship journey.

``This Fellowship allowed me to attend a nine week internship at the INSTAP centre in Eastern Crete. During which time I also visited 13 archaeological sites and three archaeological museums. This Fellowship has had a positive impact on my confidence in my abilities as a conservator as well as allowing me to develop my networking skills. I feel more prepared to step into private practice in Melbourne with better hand skills and experience of a wider range of treatments.``

Rebekka Hocking

2019 Italian Australian Foundation Fellow

``The opportunity to travel to the USA was a key element, but more so with a backing of a Fellowship I was allowed privileged access to staff, ideas, and museums that may not have been possible as an independent researcher. The networks I have created along the way have been invaluable. I gained deep conceptual, intellectual, and practical skills around collecting, interpretation, and programming around topics of political history in US museums. I have found the Fellowship so unbelievably valuable and unlike any other opportunity in Australia. I hope the Fellowships continue to grow and flourish.``

Craig Middleton

2017 George Alexander Foundation Fellow

“The Fellowship program is a light in our sector. It provides unique opportunities for professionals to test their boundaries, innovate and inspire. I believe the true impacts of many Fellowships will not be felt immediately but form the foundation of advocacy. My Ffellowship means that a community facing many levels of disadvantage is now being looked at as a model of engagement. A journey that has willingly been shared with them, it is not my journey but ours!”

Liz Bonner

2018 VET International Practitioner Fellow

International Specialised Skills Institute