01About us

The International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) exists to develop an innovative, skilled and smart Australia by cultivating the mastery and knowledge of talented Australians through international applied research Fellowships.

The ISS Institute is proud of its heritage. The organisation was founded almost three decades ago by Sir James Gobbo AC CVO and a group of visionaries to encourage investment in the development of Australia’s specialised skills. Our international Fellowship program supports Australians across a broad range of industries and sectors to undertake international skills and knowledge enhancement leading to new ways of working and economic and social benefits. To date over 500 Australians have undertaken Fellowships facilitated through the ISS Institute. Our Fellowship Program encourages shared learning, leadership and communities of practice.

At the heart of the ISS Institute are our individual Fellows. Under our Fellowship Program the Fellows learn globally and, upon their return, pass on their newly acquired knowledge and skills through:

Publication of a detailed Fellowship Report distributed to government, industry, educational institutions and peers

Recommending improvements and enhancements in their industry sector

Introducing new practices and techniques

Disseminating their learnings, findings and recommendations via workshops, conferences and forums.

ISS Institute plays a pivotal role in creating value and opportunity, encouraging new thinking and the  adoption of new ideas and practice.

02Fellows and Reports

The World of Work is rapidly changing and now more than ever we need to be nimble and embrace new ways of doing business. At ISS Institute we know that the opportunity to learn firsthand leads to innovation, change and lasting impact.

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