Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria will differ for each Fellowship program and sponsor. To view the criteria click here.

Can I apply for more than 1 Fellowship?

You are welcome to apply for more than 1 Fellowship program if you meet the eligibility criteria. However, please note you will not be awarded more than 1 Fellowship at any time.

Can I reapply for a Fellowship?

Yes! We encourage you to reapply for a Fellowship whether you have completed one in the past or applied and were unsuccessful. If a previous application was unsuccessful, we are happy to provide feedback so that you may refine your application.

Can I apply with someone for a joint Fellowship?

You may apply for a joint Fellowship; however, the funding amount will remain the same.

My Fellowship area is similar to a current Fellow. Can I still apply?

Similar Fellowship areas will still be considered. We recommend making it clear as to why this area is important, the synergies (if any) between your aims and the previous Fellowship and the potential outcomes and impacts and whether these will build on the previous Fellowship.

How long can I spend on my Fellowship?

Majority of Fellows spend around 4 – 6 weeks travelling overseas to complete their Fellowship however, the time period can be negotiated.

If plans change during my Fellowship, am I able to extend my trip?

Each situation such as this is considered on a case by case basis. The most important aspect is that you communicate with the ISS Institute team to discuss your circumstances

Is there a time frame for completing my Fellowship?

The Fellowship runs for 12 months, unless otherwise negotiated

What if I am no longer able to travel for my Fellowship?

It is expected that you can travel at the time of your application. Depending on your circumstance, if you are no longer able to travel your Fellowship may be revoked. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Can I change my Fellowship research area prior to leaving?

You are expected to complete your Fellowship based on the aims proposed in your application. If you want to alter this, you must discuss this with the ISSI team.

Do I have to go overseas to conduct my Fellowship research?


Do I have to write a report post Fellowship?

One of the obligations of receiving a Fellowship is that you must complete a Fellowship report however, you this is not required to be an academic report. The key aim of the Fellowship report is to share your Fellowship aims, learnings, outcomes, impacts and recommendations.

Can I give my Fellowship to someone else?


Can I take my family with me on my Fellowship?


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