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Fellowship Reports

Our Fellows share their learnings, findings and recommendations through Fellowship Reports. Fellowship Reports are categorised according to the topic area and are available for download.

There are hundreds of Fellowship Reports available and collectively these greatly contribute to increasing knowledge and skills in the Australian community.

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Education, Training & Employment

The education sector, industry development and employment support.


Explore reports related to the natural environment

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Artisan, Heritage & Conservation

Explore artisan, heritage and conservation reports

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Explore reports by our hospitality Fellows

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Explore reports related to graphic design, architecture, landscape design + more

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Explore reports related to fashion and sustainability. 

Sponsored by the Palladio Foundation, Anna Minardo provides a detailed run down on the art of mosiacs. A handy guide for those working in the trade.

Michael Toscano_ISSI_Report.png

Michael Toscano's report looks at the intensive course at Stucco Decorations aiming and training craftman's in the conservation of architectural heritage.

Peter Jago_ISS1_Report.png

Peter Jago is one of Australia's top milliners. In 2003, Peter was inducted into the Australian Millinery Hall of Fame, and is still a renowned name on the Spring Racing Carnival circuit. 

Bronwny Hughes _ISSI_Report.png

Bronwyn researched the importance of stained glass window conservation in Australia. 

Norwegian Wood_ISSI_Report.png

Sponsored by the Palladio Foundation, Anna Minardo provides a detailed run down on the art of mosiacs. A handy guide for those working in the trade.

Design Management).png

Design management involves planning, leading, organising and controlling problem solving activities. Lucy Elliot explores the global context and what Australia can teach its graphic design studios.

Scandinavian Furniture Design 1998.png

Gary Frenchman explores what makes for good design and asks it we can mass produce furniture of a good design like Scandinavian countries do

Stephen David_The Footwear Industry_ISSI.png

Stephen Davies explores the footwear design industry and explores the lack of training available in Australia. 

The Impact of Technology on Australian Design Studio_ISSI.png

Patrick Bayly learns about new technologies that graphic design studios will have to think about for years to come. An interesting read to discover the term 'branding' which is prevalent for all businesses in current times.


John Frosted travels to the 17th Icograda World Congress and General Assembly in Uruguay.

The project was aimed at building an infrastructure to enhance specific skills in the area of ceramic studio training and production, both in the commercial arena as well as the private sector.

Waterwise Gardening a Factor in Sustainable Water Management.png

Wendy Hallinan explores best practice around water conserving irrigation and to find new plants useful for water-wise gardening in Australia.

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