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21st Annual ISS Institute Fellowship Awards


2011 AgriFood International Fellowship recipients with John Baker and the Hon. Peter Hall MLC

2011 AgriFood International Fellowships

  • Dr Angus Crossan (NSW) is the Program Manager – R&D of Australian Egg Corporation Ltd. His study is to take place in the UK, Europe (the Netherlands), Canada and New Zealand. He will evaluate the international models used for delivery of training in leading egg industries, with specific attention to flexible models, new technologies and processes in order to overcome the challenges in Australian egg production systems.
  • Kim Chalmers (VIC) is the Director of Chalmers Wines Australia Pty Ltd. Her study is to take place in Europe. Kim will improve knowledge and skills in sustainable viticulture by investigating heat- and drought-tolerant grape varieties and viticultural techniques for adaptation in Australia in the face of climate change.
  • Jodie Hummerston (NSW) is the Project Officer at the National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Ltd (MINTRAC). Her study is to take place in the UK and Germany. Jodie will gain an understanding of current and future international training practices in the meat retail industry, including workplace training, e-learning, and post-trade training to develop the Australian meat industry.


Kent Larson

Professor Kent Larson

2011 City of Melbourne Boston Sister
Cities International Fellowship

  • Professor Kent Larson (USA) visited Australia in July 2011, highlighting the MIT ‘Living Lab’ concept and the architectural and environmental influences on future building and living design through guest speaking roles, seminars, lectures and workshops. All of his speaking engagements were outstanding and extremely popular. We partnered with The University of Melbourne to facilitate this educational program of events.


Bryon Stanley accepting the FIAA (Vic/Tas) International Fellowship on behalf of Mary Cushnahan

Furnishing Industry Association
of Australia (Vic/Tas) International Fellowship

  • Mary Cushnahan (VIC) is a Teacher at Kangan Institute. Her study is to take place in Canada and Europe. Mary will investigate international apprenticeship training techniques in the non-licenced trades covered by the Furnishings Training Package to improve attraction and retention rates, and to combat LLN and skills set difficulties across the Australian furnishing industry.


Christopher Bourne with the Hon. Peter Hall MLC

2011 The George Alexander
Foundation International Fellowship

  • Christopher Bourne (QLD) is an Engineer with Foodstream Pty Ltd. His study is to take place in Canada and the USA. Christopher will study world’s best practice techniques and regulations for thermal processing and gain knowledge in the modelling methods used to predict food deterioration characteristics, in order to guarantee food safety while maximising quality for longer shelf life of food products.


2011 Skills Victoria Overseas Fellowship recipients with the Hon. Peter Hall MLC and Bella Irlicht AM

2011 Skills Victoria Overseas

  • Sheila Douglas (VIC) is the VET Manager at Employ-ease Pty Ltd. Her study is to take place in New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Sheila will identify international best practice in successful delivery of aged care training by small education providers for application in rural and indigenous communities in Australia to increase completion of VET courses within these communities.
  • Rick Dunn (VIC) is a Teacher – Bakery at South West Institute of TAFE. His study is to take place in Germany. Rick will undertake a master skill bakery course to build capability and skills in the baking industry to improve delivery of the newly accredited Certificate IV in Advanced Baking in Australia.
  • Michael Hatton (VIC) is a Horticulture Teacher at Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE. His study is to take place in the UK, Japan, Canada and the USA. Michael will evaluate international community education standards to ensure engagement in ‘grow your own’ food and the development of activities and programs that improve the health and sense of community wellbeing through community gardens.
  • Susan Morris (VIC) is a Teacher/Architect at Box Hill Institute. Her study is to take place in Europe. Susan will investigate European sustainability regulations to inform future developments in Australian sustainability and thermal performance regulatory reform and to investigate successful collaborative learning opportunities for students in the building industry trades.
  • Mark Thomson (VIC) is a Teacher – Furniture Studies at Victoria University TAFE. His study is to take place in Europe and the UK. Mark will investigate international standards for water-based finishing applications, viability of alternative products, elimination of toxic chemicals, and the different training techniques relevant to the Australian furniture finishing industry.
  • Roslyn Walker (VIC) is a Teacher/Film Producer at Open Channel. Her study is to take place in the USA. Roslyn will develop knowledge and cultural exchange regarding current international best practice in developing quality TV series and animation feature films for input into teaching units and courses in Australia.


Corrina Hebdon accepting the William Angliss Institute/ISS Institute Fellowship on behalf of Brendan Carter, with Bryan McGoldrick and the Hon. Peter Hall MLC

William Angliss Institute/ISS Institute Fellowship

  • Brendan Carter (VIC) is a Teacher – Baking at William Angliss Institute of TAFE. His study is to take place in Germany. He will attend an intensive six-week training course covering the entire scope of German bread making – this course is the German Bäckermeister (Master Artisan Baker), the highest qualification for selected bakery owners.

Fellows prior to 2011

For the listing of all ISS Institute Fellowship recipients from 1991 to 2011, click here.

Associates are specialists in their field who support and contribute to ISS Institute programs and activities, from conducting workshops to speaking at our conferences to providing expert advice regarding skills and knowledge gaps in their industry and occupation. ISS Institute’s Associates are:

  • James Charlwood
  • Louise Clarkson
  • Alexandra Copeland
  • Antony Dry
  • Justin Garnsworthy
  • Stephen Hands
  • David Jack
  • Ron Leigh
  • Kerry Oldfield
  • Nimet Ozata
  • John Patrick
  • Chris Sherwin
  • Sarah Tomasetti
  • Alistair Tune
  • Bruce Walker
  • Shelli Whitehurst