International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) Fellowships offer Australians the chance to travel overseas and undertake applied international research into a topic or issue they are passionate about and enhance their skills. The research is often used in education, training and across industries with the intention of generating actionable knowledge, finding solutions or developing innovative practice.

ISS Institute’s Fellowship Program invests in Australians undertaking a form of applied research outside of Australia, often acquiring skills and knowledge not available in Australia. Our Fellowships would not be possible without the support of committed Investors who are keen to build knowledge and skills in areas that matter.

Our Fellows are talented and skilled Australians who are driving innovation and leading practice in their respective industries and sectors. ISS Institute Fellows willingly share the knowledge and skills acquired during their Fellowship upon their return to Australia through detailed Fellowship Reports and dissemination activities. ISS Institute is honoured to support our diverse range of Fellows, all of whom are working to make a real difference in Australia.

Fellowships are offered during three Fellowship Rounds each year. Information about available Fellowships can be found in the Fellowships Available area.

“At its simplest level, a fellowship is an accolade to honour talent or potential in someone. Practically speaking it is a funded opportunity for an individual to undertake some kind of study. Or in its broader meaning ‘fellowship’ is the feeling of group purpose that exists between people who share common values.”

Professor Bill Lucas, University of Winchester, ISS Institute Fellow

“During my 2016 Melbourne Knowledge Fellowship I travelled throughout Asia extending my knowledge in the field of art and creative technologies.  This opportunity accelerated my career, opened new doors and resulted in me forming new partnerships. It was a highly rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in progressing and expanding their career.”

Dr Betty Sargeant, Melbourne Knowledge Fellow

“The Fellowship exceeded my expectations by providing me with the opportunity to access some of the best pronunciation professionals in the world, to consolidate my skills in this area and share them upon my return to Australia. Because of my Fellowship, I have become part of a global network of pronunciation experts and I am fortunate to be mentored by a leading academic in Australia, who generously gives her time and is helping me to further professionally develop in this specialist area.”

Elizabeth Keenan, 2015 HESG Fellow

“Key impacts of the Fellowship include going from a small family business to a business that now distributes nationally. Through our work at Dal lotto and the support and training provided to other local vineyards we have been able to set King Valley up as the industry leaders in Prosecco in Australia and Dal Zotto’s as the pioneers.”

Michael Dal Zotto, Dal Zotto Wines
2008 George Alexander Fellowship Recipient