Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Public Open Space Deisgn:

Learnings from Canada’s most liveable cities

Rebecca Ingleton

Italian Australian Foundation Fellowship

A study in construction materials sustainability and innovation

Dylan Treadwell

A Barro Group Fellowship

Building with Earth in remote arid regions

Clare Kennedy

A George Alexander Foundation Fellowship

The Implementation Process of Innovative Timber Building Technologies.

Nicholas Cini

A George Alexander Foundation Fellowship


Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention, Opportunities for Improvement in the Australian Plumbing Industry. Peter Wenning, Higher Education and Skills Group International Fellowship Report


Building Practices for a Sustainable Construction Industry. Michael Hick, 2013 Higher Education & Skills Group Fellowship

Journeyman Carpenters in Australia – Lessons from the USA & Canada. Robert Brodie, 2014 Higher Education and Skills Group Overseas Fellowship Report


Job Skills in Prefabricated Construction. Dr Philip Alviano, 2014 International Building and Construction Fellowship

Disabled Students Need More Than Just Ramps. Paul Hede, 2014 Sir James Gobbo AC CVO Fellowship

Building Information Modelling in Australia, Lessons from the UK. Christopher Byrne, 2014 Higher Education and Skills Group Overseas Fellowship Report



Furniture Finishing into the Future. Mark Thomson, 2011 Higher Education and Skills Group Overseas Fellowship. Attachments to the report are also available for downloading.
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International Retrofit Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) Standards, Training, Accreditation and Management, Govind Maksay, 2010 International Building and Construction Industry Fellowship.

Construction Efficiency Opportunities: Setting the Foundation for Net-Zero Energy Homes in Australia. Tomi Winfree, 2009 International Building and Construction Fellowship.

Improving Energy Efficient, Sustainable Building Design and Construction in Australia – Learning from Europe. Susan Morris, 2011 Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) Overseas Fellowship.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics in the Context of the Australian Construction Industry. Matthew Sullivan, 2012, Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council Fellowship.




The Australian Apprenticeship System: Informing Future Directions and Solutions. Mary Cushnahan. Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (Vic/Tas) International Fellowship.

E-Learning within the Building and Construction Industry and Allied Trades. David Scannell. Skills Victoria International TAFE Fellowship.


Skills Deficiencies in the Australian Plumbing Industry. Green Plumbing Practices and Grey Water Recycling. Tony Darcy. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.

Intelligent Buildings: Integrated Systems and Controls. Dr Gerard Healey. International Building and Construction Fellowship

Sustainability in the Manufacturing of Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets. Mark McDonald. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Mark McDonald talks with ISS Institute.

Listen to Mark on ABC Radio National’s By Design program, 15 June 2011.


Sustainable Workplace Design. Alisa Moss. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Airtight and Super Insulated Construction Techniques. Professor Shane West. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.


Construction and Restoration of Terrazzo Floors. Joseph Bagnara. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Prefabricated Housing in Australia. Skill Deficiencies and Workplace Practice. Grant Daly. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Rising Damp: Causes and Treatment. Donald Scott. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship

Permeable Paving Systems. Nick van Diemen. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Traditional and Contemporary Practices in the UK Stone Industry. Simon Brown. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Emerging Building Information Modeling/Management Technologies used in the Building Design Industry. Rosetta Di Giangregorio and Michael Goss. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Dry Stone Work. David Long. Master Builders Association of Victoria/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Modern Upholstery Techniques and Materials. Julian Pratt. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.

Techniques for Working With Porcelain Tiles and New Adhesive Technology. Dario Piubellini. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Pipefitting: Skills Deficiencies in Metal Fabrication and Welding (Pipefitting) in Australia. Karen O’Reilly. National Overseas Fellowship.


Education & Training for Boatbuilders in New Zealand, United States of America & United Kingdom. Rick Mitchell. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Advanced Decorative Painting on Painted Surface in Architecture. Ben Dethridge. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship