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Energy, Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability 


Sponsored by George Alexander Foundation

Energy extraction from domestic wastewater and municipal solid waste


Sponsored by the Higher Education and Skills Group, Department of Education and Training (Victorian Government) 



Sponsored by The George Alexander Foundation


MICROGRIDS: The pathway to Australia’s smarter, cleaner energy future. Kristian Handberg, George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship



Technical wastewate treatment plants – Energy efficient technologies. Michael Capuzza, 2014 Italian Services Institute Overseas Fellowship Report

CO2: Creating a Sustainable Future with Natural Refrigerants. Kirkland Kaldor-Bull, George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship 2014



Anaerobic Digestion Systems and Deep Litter Waste Management for Rural Primary Industry Enterprises. Stanley Pietsch, Higher Education and Skills Group Overseas Fellowship.



Overseas processes and offerings in Special Economic Development Organisations. Lou Brazier, Committee for Geelong / ISS Institute International Fellowship

The generation of biogas on-farm using animal and dairy waste. Paul Wilson, AgriFood Skills International Fellowship


Australia’s Road to 2030: Competitive Edge Through Sustainability – a Business Case for Adopting Value Chain Thinking to Grow Market Share. Helen Newell. AgriFood Skills International Fellowship.


Training for Water Conservation, Infrastructure, Treatment and Management. Michael Anderson. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Skills Deficiencies in the Australian Plumbing Industry. Green Plumbing Practices and Grey Water Recycling. Tony Darcy. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.

Industry: Australian Agriculture – Crops. Craig Day. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Wastewater Treatment: Remote Control and Monitoring. Paul Gray. Skills Victoria Veneto (Italy) International TAFE Fellowship.

Sustainability in the Manufacturing of Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets. Mark McDonald, Skills Victoria (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Mark McDonald talks with ISS Institute.

Listen to Mark on ABC Radio National’s By Design program, 15 June 2011.

Environmental Graphics: Sustainable Materials for the Built Environment. Mary Miceli. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/Italy (Veneto) ISS Institute Fellowship.

Advanced Water Treatment and Recycling Processes. Rick Milnes. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Evaluating Sustainability of Textiles in Europe – Relevance to the Australian Textile Industry. Trudie Orchard. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/Italy (Veneto) ISS Institute Fellowship.


Sustainability Measurement and Reporting. Gitanjali Bedi. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.

Commercial Protected Cropping Production Methodologies and Systems Applicable to Vegetable Growers in Southern Victoria. Tony Bundock. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

End of Life Furniture Sustainability. Jennifer Critchlow. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.

Accelerated Production of Composted Humus with Long-Chain Carbon Polymers. Joe Garnham. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.

Sustainable Printing. Werner Hammerstingl. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.

Sustainable Workplace Design. Alisa Moss. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.


Second Generation Feedstocks for Biofuels Suitable for Production in North West Victoria. Raymond Cadmore. ISS Institute/Italy (Veneto) Fellowship.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technology. Pilar de la Torre. Victorian Government (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Tackling Global Climate Change with High-level Skills in Renewable Energy Technologies. Frank Duyker. Victorian Government (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Vehicle Recycling and Sustainability. Nova McNamara. The Pratt Foundation / ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Sustainable Production Technologies for the Cut Flower Industry. Brian Shannon. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

New Floristry Design Skills and Techniques and Sustainable Industry Practice. Colin Straub. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.

Protected Cropping. Leigh Taig. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.

Green Supply Chain Logistics, ‘Cradle-to-Grave’ Material Flow Frameworks. Adam Voak. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.


Colour – Application in Learning and Professional Practice Encompassing Environment and Sustainability Focusing on Interior Decoration and Design. Lindsey Glover & Victoria Versteege. RMIT University/ISS Institute Fellowship

Solar Air Conditioning: Opportunities and Obstacles in Australia. Warwick Johnston. George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellowship.


Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens. Sidonie Carpenter. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Indonesian Conservation Management Practices & the Australian Zoo Industry. Jessica McKelson, ISS Institute/The Pratt Foundation Fellowship.


Fire Control and Traditional Forestry in Pine Plantations. Owen Donovan. National Overseas Fellowship.


The Future Use of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a Natural Gas Alternative to Synthetic Gasses for the Australian Refrigeration Industry and the Training Needs for Installation, Service and Repair. Peter Moore. ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Solar Air Heating & Cooling. Robert Moore. ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. John Van Cleef. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Alternative Energy Systems: Wind Power. Alistair McCosh. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Waste Management in the Automotive Collision Repair Industry. Garry Edwards. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.