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“The Fellowship program is a light in our sector. It provides unique opportunities for professionals to test their boundaries, innovate and inspire. I believe the true impacts of many Fellowships will not be felt immediately but form the foundation of advocacy. My Ffellowship means that a community facing many levels of disadvantage is now being looked at as a model of engagement. A journey that has willingly been shared with them, it is not my journey but ours!”

"This Fellowship allowed me to attend a nine week internship at the INSTAP centre in Eastern Crete. During which time I also visited 13 archaeological sites and three archaeological museums. This Fellowship has had a positive impact on my confidence in my abilities as a conservator as well as allowing me to develop my networking skills. I feel more prepared to step into private practice in Melbourne with better hand skills and experience of a wider range of treatments.``

"Wonderful opportunity and thank you for supporting our ability to look beyond our borders and see firsthand some amazing examples of best practice and inspiring programs."