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The Timber Spoked Wheel in the Modern Age


Paul Tivendale

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

The Palladio Foundation


Artisan Crafts


United Kingdom

Fellowship Year:



The Fellow is a qualified furniture maker and joiner with over 10 years industry experience. They
have also worked in museum and gallery spaces for over 5 years. They’re an avid protector of
wheelwrighting and coachbuilding history and skill. They have pursued all avenues within Australia
to gain training and experience in the wheelwrighting industry but needed to look over seas for
further guidance and experience since beginning in 2017. Part of the Fellowship was to expand
the Fellows skills and confidence, while finding modernisation techniques and improvements that
can be used in the Australian market, explore conservation techniques of timber spoked wheels
and vehicles and ways of implementing/establishing an official training structure.

The Timber Spoked Wheel in the Modern Age
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