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Italian Australian Fellowship

Applications closed for 2023

Applications will reopen mid 2024

The 2023 Italian Australian Skills Fellowship provides an opportunity for established community leaders, innovators and creators to acquire even higher-level skills to drive leading best practice in Australia by undertaking an immersion activity in Italy.

The Fellowship

The applicants should be cultural ambassadors for Italy, having established an organisation that either employs staff or has a prominent place in the Australian cultural landscape.  The applicants must have existing connections and influence to be able to disseminate knowledge/skills to a large number of people either through policy, media and/or government relationships; or are in a position to promote and elevate Italian culture and skills to the wider community.


Applications are open to Australian residents of Italian descent. Candidates must travel to Italy as part of their Fellowship. Non-Italian descendants are eligible to apply, although preference will be given to Italian Australians.


Italian descent is defined, for the purpose of this Fellowship, as being able to trace Italian ancestry within three generations on at least one side of the family. Three generations means up to the level of Grandparent/s.

Priority Areas

Those eligible are invited to apply for a Fellowship that will support the continued development of a skilled Australia with a focus on one of the following priority areas:

  • Fashion - design, textile, production and creation. This Fellowship would include skills acquisition for a  2 - 4 weeks internship at an Italian Fashion House.

  • Art restoration - this Fellowship includes a 2 - 4 week internship at a museum, gallery, or with an artisan restoration specialist.

  • Italian Art - an artist, curator and/or art historian will travel to Italy for 2-4 weeks for an internship at a museum or gallery, such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

The Italian Australian Foundation

The Italian Australian Foundation makes grants to funds, institutions and other entities to provide or facilitate educational, cultural and heritage services that advance the appreciation of Italian culture, language, skills and heritage for persons of Italian descent resident in Australia and the broader Australian community.

Fellowship Application Form

When completing this Fellowship Application Form please ensure you refer to the corresponding Fellowship.

Look at Application Guidelines for further information and tips.

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