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Economic and Social Impact

of ISS Institute Fellowships

  • Professional Development: The Fellowships provide Fellows with invaluable opportunities for professional development, enabling them to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise in their respective fields.

  • Knowledge Exchange: Fellows have the chance to engage in knowledge exchange with experts and peers in their field, fostering innovation and growth within their professional community.

  • Global Perspective: The Fellowships often involve international experiences, exposing Fellows to diverse perspectives, best practices, and innovative approaches that they can apply to their work.  

  • Networking: Fellows can establish connections with professionals and organisations, expanding their network and opening doors to potential collaborations and partnerships. 

  • Career Advancement: Experiences and skills gained through the Fellowships can significantly contribute to the Fellow’s career advancement, potentially leading to enhanced job opportunities and professional recognition.  

  • Sector Impact: The knowledge and experiences gained during the Fellowships can be brought back to benefit their local sector, contributing to the overall development and advancement of their respective fields.

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