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International VET Practitioner Fellowship

Applications are open and close 11:59pm 25th August 2024.

The Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) in partnership with the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) are offering ten (10) International VET Practitioner Fellowships in 2024 valued at $13,000 each.

The Fellowship is a year long program - travel and completion of report is within one year.

The Fellowship

The Victorian Skills Authority works in partnership with the International Specialised Skills Institute by funding the International VET Practitioner Fellowships. The Fellowship program focuses on developing opportunities within the VET sector to assist in building an Education State in Victoria that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage. In addition, the program is funded to support the priorities of Skills First, including developing capacity and capability, innovative training practices and increasing teacher quality within the VET sector as well as building industry capability and developing Victoria’s current and future workforce.


The Fellowships are available to members of the Victorian VET Sector who are employed within Victorian Government contracted Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), including TAFEs, private RTOs and Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board registered Learn Local Providers (LL providers). Fellowships are also available to VSA Industry Advisory Group members and their Executive Officers.

Those eligible are invited to apply for a Fellowship that will support the continued development of a skilled Victoria

with a focus on one of the following priority areas:

1. Developing quality training with deep and meaningful connections to emerging or ongoing industry needs.

2. Developing educational approaches that support inclusion and increase participation.

3. Developing education and training that supports the skills needed for a clean economy.

Inclusivity and Flexibility

Fellows have the option of utilising their Fellowship funds to focus on their skills-lead research remotely via desktop learning, networking and through meaningful connections with international experts (as academics do when they secure a research grant). This could be done by video meetings, webinars, online conferences, and training, etcetera, essentially providing the Fellow with the gift of time. This enables a Fellow to concentrate fully on their skill/topic and area of expertise for a set period. This will then allow the Fellow to bring new skills and best practice back to their practice. This option gives the Fellow greater flexibility. This approach also opens opportunities for a diverse cohort of potential Fellows who for some reason or another are unable to travel perhaps due to caring responsibilities, disability or a medical condition that leaves them ineligible for international travel insurance.

Fellowship Application Form

When completing this Fellowship Application Form please ensure you refer to the corresponding Fellowship.

Look at Application Guidelines for further information and tips.

If you do not have the correct documentation such as your CV, two letters of support and letter from employer, your application will not be considered.

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