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Mason Family Trust

Applications have closed.

The Mason Family Trust and the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) are offering two (2) international applied research Fellowships in the amount of $10,000.

The Fellowship is a year long program - travel and completion of report is within one year.

The Fellowship

The 2024 Mason Family Trust Arts Fellowship is seeking candidates who are interested in gaining further skills in the traditional arts, music and stained glass painting.

The ISS Institute is seeking candidates for this Fellowship who are interested in enhancing their skills in music, traditional arts and stained glass window painting. The Institute is providing 2x Fellowship valued at $10,000 to learn from masters of their craft overseas and then bring these newfound skills back to Australia.

Fellowship Application Form

When completing this Fellowship Application Form please ensure you refer to the corresponding Fellowship.

Look at Application Guidelines for further information and tips.

If you do not have the correct documentation such as your CV, letter of support and employer endorsement letter, your application will not be considered.

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