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Accelerated Apprenticeship Delivery Programs


Ross Bury

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Skills Victoria


Education, Trades


US, UK, Sweden

Fellowship Year:



The Fellow travelled to the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK) and Sweden
to research and compare delivery models in apprenticeship training courses in the furniture making
While overseas, the Fellow identified accelerated apprenticeship programs in furniture making that enabled tradespeople to produce furniture faster and with a higher level of skill. The report recommends that for furniture making apprentices in Australia to compete confidently on the global stage, we must re-introduce design back into the training package, develop units of competency that will enhance apprentices’ design capabilities, ensure new design units don’t take away from the essence of design by making the assessment criteria too rigid and spend greater amounts of time detailing the meaning of design to furniture apprentices.

Accelerated Apprenticeship Delivery Programs
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