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Sustainable Fashion Education


Marina Mcgrath

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Department of Education & Training


Environment & Sustainability


UK, Germany

Fellowship Year:



As the fashion industry is the world's second biggest polluter, this report explores international best practices regarding sustainability within fashion design and seeks to better understand how we can effectively implement sustainable education practices in Victoria as well as educate the educators on
current international best practice.
The report delves into how fashion brands can substantively improve processes from raw material
choices, through the entire manufacturing process, to final engagement with consumers. With a focus on the drive from linear production to circular fashion, the Fellowship included visits to leading tertiary institutes in England and Germany and attendance at Neonyt, the world's biggest sustainability event.
The report concludes that collaboration and transparency are key to promoting sustainable fashion education and industry practices, and that Australia should embrace this change brought with the shifting expectations of society surrounding sustainability in the fashion industry

Sustainable Fashion Education
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