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Waterwise Gardening, a Factor in Sustainable Water Management


Wendy Hallinan

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

International Specialised Skills Institute


Environment & Sustainability


United States

Fellowship Year:



Waterwise gardening in Australia is a relatively new concept. Today, as the price of water increases with the demand, and the availability is not as certain, people are looking toward new, efficient ways of using the water we have. Water wise gardening is a simple but extremely effective way to save water, the report aims to explore this concept and learn about best practice water conserving irrigation for amenity horticulture, as well as find new plants useful for waterwise gardening in Australia and embark on an investigation to find out about different water conserving techniques used in landscaping in the arid regions of the USA.

The Fellow spent a month in the USA visiting demonstration gardens, public and private, and educational institutions of relevance. The Fellow also spent two and a half weeks studying at the Designer /manager School of Irrigation at Cal Poly University. The report also includes several recommendations on carrying out Waterwise gardening and providing some suggestions as to how reduce Australia's usage of water.

Waterwise Gardening, a Factor in Sustainable Water Management
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