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Molecular Gastronomy: Research and Experience


Brendan Hill

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Skills Victoria


Food, Healthcare


France, Singapore, Spain, United States

Fellowship Year:



Molecular Gastronomy principles, practices and menu items that have captured the imagination of both chefs and their customers worldwide was found to be lagging in Australia. This report is a result of the skills deficiencies identified by many Victorian enterprises and associations, including the Fellow and his colleagues at the Gordon Institute of TAFE.
The Fellow was involved in eight weeks of work experience in international leading restaurants including the Alinea in Chicago, wd~50 Restaurant in New York, Thierry Marx at Chateau Cordeillan-Bages in Bordeaux, Ozu in Paris and The Tippling Club in Singapore. The Fellow also visited several significant restaurants in the United States of America and Barcelona to experience this cuisine from a consumer’s perspective.
Through this study tour, the Fellow has accumulated a variety of recipes that will be incorporated into the menus for theoretical and practical teaching in the Gordon Institute’s training restaurants and industry kitchens, as well as used his observations to facilitate exposure of molecular gastronomy to a wide range of
student groups including apprentice cooks, full and part-time commercial cookery students,
patisserie and hospitality certificate students.

Molecular Gastronomy: Research and Experience
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