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Fashion, Textiles and Jewellery


ELECTRONIC FUSION WELDING New Techniques for Jewellers


Sponsored by the Department of Education and Training (Victoria), Higher Education and Skills Group


Jewellery Manufacturing Futures. Halina Kaufman, Manufacturing Skills Australia Fellowship


Digital technologies and the future of the Australian fashion industry. Tony Cooper, 2013 Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) Overseas Fellowship

Delivering Fashion Knitwear training within Australian Fashion Design Education – now and the future. Rhonda Ingwersen, 2012 Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) Overseas Fellowship


Australian Fashion Education: Getting the Right Fit. Tina Marino, 2009 Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) Overseas Fellowship.


Seamless Knitwear Technology: Informing the Australian Industry. Patricia Chircop. The George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellowship


The Assessment and Evaluation of the Comfort and Protection of Advanced Textiles. Inna Konopov. ISS Institute/RMIT University Fellowship.

Evaluating Sustainability of Textiles in Europe – Relevance to the Australian Textile Industry. Trudie Orchard. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/Italy (Veneto) ISS Institute Fellowship.


New Welding Technologies and their Impact on the Australian Jewellery Manufacturing Industry. Gillian Rainer. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.


Accessory Design and Manufacture. Sarah Conners. ISS Institute/Italy (Veneto) Fellowship.

Australian Fashion Directions – Getting it Right. Sylvia Walsh. Victorian Government (TAFE)/ISS Institute/Fellowship.


3 Dimensional Body Scanning Techniques and Applications for the Australian Apparel Industry. Kate Kennedy. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Click here to listen to Kate’s presentation at a Craft Victoria/ISS Institute fashion workshop.

Australian Couture Design Skills for Industry and Education. Tina Guglielmino. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.

Niche Market Innovations in the Italian Fashion Industry. Mandy Penton & Rosanna Giacomini, ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.

Building an Internationally Renowned Fashion House. Jaye Wearne and Liora Shulman. Victorian Government/ISS Institute Student Fellowship.


Computer Aided Design – Textile Software in Design for Jacquard Loom Weaving. Virginia Harrison, ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.