Fellowships Available

2022 Fellowships


Fellowships are offered across a number of Fellowship Rounds each year. The Fellowships available each year differ according to the skills focus area, the industry area and criteria established by the ISS Institute and the Fellowship Sponsor.

Information about each Fellowship is provided to assist you to determine if your research / skills enhancement area fits the Fellowship criteria. More detailed information is provided in the Fellowship Application Guidelines and Fellowship Application Form provided for each Fellowship.

Mason Family Trust

Applications open 1 January – 25 March 2022

The Mason Family Trust Fellowship managed by Equity Trustees focuses on skills acquisition in areas of music and traditional arts ( specifically excluding modern art) and the art of stained glass painting. Fellows will advance their skills in art, music and/or the art of stained glass painting from English or European Masters. Fellows will learn from artisans with a long history and tradition of the craft.

Fellowships are valued at $10,000 

Palladio Foundation

Applications open 1 January – 25 March 2022

The 2022 Palladio Foundation International Fellowship provides an opportunity for individuals aged between 18 years and 45 years to acquire higher-level skills and drive leading practice and innovation in Australia. The Fellowship focuses on areas of Conservation, Heritage Skills and Artisan skills. Past Fellowships demonstrate the breadth and variety of research that investigated: Prosecco production, the construction and restoration of Terrazzo floors, Advanced Violin Restoration Techniques, Stone Conservation, Traditional European Craft Practices.

Fellowships available valued at $10,000.   

Italian Australian Foundation Fellowship

Applications open from 1 January – 25 March 2022

The 2022 Italian Australian Foundation Fellowship provides an opportunity for Australian residents of Italian descent to acquire higher-level skills and drive leading practice and innovation in Australia. Italian descent is defined, for the purpose of this Fellowship, as being able to trace Italian ancestry within three generations on at least one side of the family.

Fellowships are valued at $10,000.  

Department of Education & Training Fellowship

Applications open 1 February – 11 March 2022

The Department of Education and Training works in partnership with the International Specialised Skills Institute by funding the VET International Practitioner Fellowships. The Fellowship program focuses on developing opportunities within the VET sector to assist in building an Education State in Victoria that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage. In addition, the program is funded to support the priorities of Skills First, including developing capacity and capability, innovative training practices and increasing teacher quality within the VET sector as well as building industry capability and developing Victoria’s current and future workforce.

Fellowships are valued at $13,000.  

The Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation

Applications open 14 February – 15 April 2022

ISS Institute is seeking candidates for this Fellowship who are interested in exploring new and leading practice, innovation and leadership opportunities in Skill Enhancement within the aged care sector.

Fellowships are valued at $10,000.  

For more details about Fellowships please email us at info@issinstitute.org.au