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Meet the 2023 George Alexander Foundation Fellows

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The George Alexander Foundation provides an opportunity for talented, young individuals who are working with artisan, heritage and specialised trades to upskill. This year was an especially competitive year with a strong pool of applicants who demonstrated great expertise and passion for their professions. It was difficult to shortlist our final recipients, but meet the 2023 George Alexander Foundation Fellows who will be embarking on a Fellowship journey in the next 12 months.

Alex Miller

Fellowship overview

Alex will explore a regenerative approach to our food systems, promoting food citizenship beyond environmental sustainability. Alex will connect with international leaders to study landcare practices like market gardening, ecological gardening, and traditional skills including seed saving, and how these practices can re-connect us and deepen our relationships with place, community, and food.

Mei Wilkinson

Fellowship overview

Mei's Fellowship focuses on time-based media conservation, specifically software conservation. Collaborating with Asian museums, Mei aims to acquire specialised skills and knowledge in preserving software-based artworks. The goal is to develop valuable skills, foster international collaboration, and share knowledge benefiting Australia's growing time-based media conservation community.

Chris Hagen Fellowship overview

Chris is pursuing skills enrichment in fine art hand-printmaking, specifically stone and plate lithography and intaglio etching techniques. Hand-printing pairs traditional methods with innovative approaches to make "original prints" in favour of reproducing existing artworks. Despite dedicating 15 years to these art forms, Chris recognises the vast knowledge available in this field and is arranging intensive apprenticeship and residency opportunities in America and Europe.

Drew Bennett

Fellowship overview

Drew aims to address the environmental impact of telecommunications and data centre equipment, a major contributor to Australia's carbon emissions. His research will explore innovative ways to minimise overall power consumption in data centres, and methodologies to ensure sustainable sourcing of equipment by focusing on practices in the United States, world leaders in the design of electronic products.

Jessie French

Fellowship overview

Jessie's Fellowship focuses on the sustainable materials industry, specifically biopolymers made from renewable ingredients that can be recycled in a closed-loop system. Despite efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact, viable materials to eliminate waste are lacking. Jessie proposes a Fellowship to connect with global leaders in the industry, identify best practices for developing and scaling innovation, and advance knowledge in sustainable biopolymer research and production.

Lee May

Fellowship overview

Lee's Fellowship entails a 3 week journey to Japan exploring small-scale denim manufacturers and mills. The focus will be on traditional techniques, machinery and materials used to craft denim garments. The trip includes visits to denim workshops, factories, mills and dye houses in Okayama. This immersive experience will provide Lee with valuable insights into the traditional process of selvedge denim production, including cotton spinning and weaving on vintage looms.

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