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The ISS Institute welcomes new CEO Katrina Jojkity

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The ISS Institute warmly welcomes Dr Katrina Jojkity, our new CEO!

Katrina is an experienced and passionate senior leader of people and builder of high performing teams with an extensive track record of achieving outstanding results across diverse industries. Having held various senior leadership and management roles within large and small organisations, she has a unique blend of highly developed skills and experience in people management, strategy, finance, education, operations and marketing.

Previously, Katrina was the director of all the Creative and Professional industries portfolio at Bendigo Kangan Institute, Victoria’s largest TAFE. Katrina is passionate about life long learning, skills and education. In fact Katrina studied fashion design in Paris, marketing in London and lived in Shanghai for 5 years. Katrina is extremely excited to be joining the ISS Institute and is looking forward to working with fellows to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience through ISS Institute fellowships. In addition to that, Katrina has a PhD in media and communication (content marketing) from RMIT University. On a personal note, Katrina loves poodles, travelling overseas and walking on the beach.

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