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Frame Making: Carving, Gilding and Finishing


Reuben Rich

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

The George Alexander Foundation


Artisan Crafts


Turkey and Italy

Fellowship Year:



This report details the international experience of the Fellow in his quest to acquire knowledge and
insight into the artisanal methodology, procedure, history and artistry of traditional picture-frame
making. The Fellow travelled to Istanbul in Turkey, and to Florence, Rome and the enchanting small
town of Moie in Italy. He visited galleries, museums, the Vatican and a dozen artisan framing workshops
and studios during this Fellowship program. A striking common feature of the Turkish and Italian artisan
workshop that surprised the Fellow were the small and simple spaces and the outdated machinery
and tools used. And yet these artisans were producing some of the highest quality work that is revered

Frame Making: Carving, Gilding and Finishing
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