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Training Australia’s Wind Energy Sector Workers


Bill Mundy

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Victorian Skills Authority




United States, Spain, Denmark, Germany

Fellowship Year:



The transition to a net zero economy powered by the renewable energy sector is a significant change in direction for the Australian economy and society in general. Australia leads the way in terms of adoption of many renewable energy sources particularly solar generation. However, the delivery of large scale wind farms both on shore and off hasn’t been at the same rate and nor has the development of a skilled workforce to build and maintain wind turbines. For Australia to reach its ambitious goal of becoming a renewable energy superpower wind energy will play a significant role. For the wind energy sector, the key to participating in the build out of the new energy sources will be a skilled workforce. This report completed as a part of a global study tour provides an insight into the training programs in place in the USA, UK and EU that support the development of the wind energy sector workforce, while also providing a series of recommendations to TAFE’s and regulators on how they can support the development of an Australian wind energy workforce.

Training Australia’s Wind Energy Sector Workers
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