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Victorian TAFE Hospitality Students Employability Outcomes


Daman Shrivastav

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Department of Education & Training




UK, Switzerland

Fellowship Year:



Hospitality education is of ongoing importance in Australia. This report examines the competencies required by hospitality graduates in Australia, as perceived by industry professionals, students, and educators. The report seeks to provide insights to educators and trainers as well as help enhance graduate and employer outcomes for the hospitality industry in Australia. On a sectoral level, this Fellowship will inform a pilot project around Work Integrated Learning in partnership with local employers, with the aim of improving vocational learning practices for students studying business, leadership and management courses.
The research conducted highlighted a gap between the expectations of industry professionals and the perceptions of VET educators regarding the competencies and graduate capabilities needed by hospitality graduates. Moreover, a key finding of this report is that the current ‘one training-fits- all’ approach fails to reflect the industry’s actual priorities. Specific recommendations are provided to the government, regarding changes required to support development of curricula and administration of VET in Australia.

Victorian TAFE Hospitality Students Employability Outcomes
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