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Vehicle Recycling and Sustainability


Nova McNamara

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Pratt Foundation


Environment & Sustainability


Germany, UK

Fellowship Year:



APRAA (Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia) estimates that over 500,000 end-of life vehicles (ELVs) currently enter the waste stream in Australia each year. At present, there is no legislation for ELVs in Australia. The report highlights the need for the Australian automotive industry to be aware of the legislative requirements and trends that are emerging worldwide so that care can be taken in the
vehicle design process which facilitates ‘design for environment’ strategies for all vehicle lines. Although there is no ELV legislation in Australia at present, it is likely that it may emerge in the future.
The Fellow participated in a three week overseas research program to Germany, Brussels and the UK. Findings from their research enabled the Fellow to develop a series of actions that can be taken by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop self-regulated strategies that can help create a closed loop recycling structure in Australia.

Vehicle Recycling and Sustainability
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