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Sustainability Measurement and Reporting


Gitanjali Bedi

Fellowship Partner/Sponsor:

Skills Victoria




United Kingdom, Netherlands

Fellowship Year:



Internationally and within Australia, civil society, large companies and other stakeholders are increasing the pressure on industry, government and community organisations to transform and respond to climate change and other sustainability issues. This report is centred on internationally identifying the drivers, skills and critical knowledge to enable increased awareness and greater uptake of sustainability measurement and reporting practice across Australia.
The Fellow conducted interviews with sustainability reporting practitioners in London, Amsterdam, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as participation in a five-day accredited training course Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting in London. The Fellow identified that SMEs, the public sector and NGOs typically lack the time and resources to invest in sustainability reporting. The report also makes some specific recommendations to government, industry, professional associations, the education and training sector, the community and the International Specialised Skills Institute.

Sustainability Measurement and Reporting
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