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Food, Wine & Tourism

A study of the Farmers’ Market Sector in the United States


George Alexander Foundation Fellowship

International lessons for local regional development


Agrifood Skills Australia and University of Tasmania Fellowship

Aspiring for Excellence in the Australian Hospitality Industry


 International Specialised Skills Institute and Sir James Gobbo Fellowship


‘Fixing Humpty Dumpty’: Piecing together skills and knowledge for workforce development in the Australian egg industry. Angus Crossan, 2012 AgriFood International Fellowship

Artisan Gelato Training, Carpigiani Gelato University, Bologna, Italy. Angela Tsimiklis, an ISS Institute Fellowship sponsored by Sponsored By Higher Education and Skills Group, Department of Education and Training, Victorian Government


Irrigation Training in Horticulture: How farmers adopt and adapt to new technologies. Peter Reynolds, 2011 AgriFood Skills Australia Fellowship

Pomegranate, The NEW Discovery in Commercial Health Foods. Robert Jamieson, 2013 AgriFoods Skills Australia International Fellowship

Spinach – A global expedition to understand the prevalence of Damping off and practical management techniques. Stuart Grigg, 2012 AgriFood Skills Australia International Fellowship



Prioritising Australian Native Food Sovereignty. Amanda Garner, 2013 AgriFood Skills International Fellowship.

German Bread Making – attracting and retaining apprentices in the Australian industry. Rick Dunn, 2011 Higher Education and Skills Group Overseas Fellowship

Thermal Processing: International Principles and Practices in Food Preservation. Chris Bourne, George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship



The Science Behind the Art of Patisserie. Maria Pellegrino, 2011 Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) Overseas Fellowship.

Hot climate wine growing, making and marketing in Southern Italy and its application in Australia. Kim Chalmers, AgriFood Skills Australia Overseas Fellowship.

International trends and regulatory requirements of dairy-based functional foods. Bronwyn Turton, Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) International TAFE Fellowship.

Options and Directions for the Continuous Improvement of the Australian Meat Retail Qualifications. Jodie Hummerston, AgriFood International Fellowship.

Contemporary European Bread and Pastry Production. Gary Mahon, Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly Skills Victoria) International TAFE Fellowship.


Attraction and Retention Strategies for the Meat Retailing Industry. Craig Peacock. Skills Victoria (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.


Natural and Cultivated Truffle Production: Quality Assurance in Italy, France and Spain. Colin Carter. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.


Vanilla Production, Processing and Packaging. Richard Exley. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.

Artisan Baking and the Use of Regional Produce. Paul Herbig. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.

Whole Grains and Specialty Flours in Artisan Baking. Scott Megee. Skills Victoria/ISS Institute TAFE Fellowship.

Artisan Chocolate Production. Terri Mercieca. The George Alexander Foundation/ ISS Institute Fellowship.

Dorper Sheep and the Production of Lean Lamb in Arid Australia. Richard Knights. International ISS Institute/DEEWR Trades Fellowship.


International Study of the Value Adding of Regional Produce Through the Manufacture and Distillation of Spirits by Micro-Distilleries. Adrian Best. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Prosecco: a Grape Variety From the Veneto Region of Italy. Michael Dal Zotto. The George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Australian Truffles: Growing, Harvesting and Value Adding. Noel Fitzpatrick. ISS Institute/Italy (Veneto) Fellowship.

The Collation and Collection of Heirloom Fruit and Vegetable Cultivars. Nicholas David Gowans. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Australian Specialist Cheese Industry Innovation In Niche Marketing. Nick Haddow. The Pratt Foundation/ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Molecular Gastronomy: Research and Experience. Brendan Hill. Victorian Government (TAFE)/ISS Institute Fellowship.

Cool Climates: Value-adding to Food and Wine Products. Paul Lennard. National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Sourdough: the Healthy Bread Revolution. Stephen Pinnuck. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.

Agritourism in Italy. Pauline Porcaro. ISS Institute/Italy (Veneto) Fellowship.

Cheese Making in the Veneto Region of Italy – Relevance and Implications to Australia. Sandra Vazzoler. ISS Institute/Italy (Veneto) Fellowship.


The Potential of Value Added Organic Produce in the Mainstream Marketplace. Brendan Lethlean. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Culture Ripened Artisan Farmhouse Soft Cheeses. Virginia Reid, National ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.

Wild foods of Australia. Athol Wark. ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.


Study of Techniques in Separation of Grape Seed for Mass Production of Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil. Patrick Trainor. ISS Institute Overseas Fellowship.


Mould Ripened Cheese. Kylie Smyth. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Commercial Cookery – Patisserie Skill Gaps. Udo Eichelmann. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


The Art of Modern Sugar and Chocolate Techniques. Lisa Dunn. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.


Commercial Cookery and Regional Food Production. Anthony Bailey. ISS Institute/TAFE Fellowship.