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Bobby Corica

2022 Italian Australian Fellow

Bobby Corica, recipient of the 2022 Italian Australian Fellow, is an artist, designer and silversmith. 

As part of his Fellowship, Bobby travelled to Germany and Italy to investigate traditional Italian leather and glass techniques and glass craft techniques associated within a contemporary (jewellery) design context. The Fellowship had a profound personal impact on Bobby, as a self directed silversmith and designer, he appreciated meeting other artist and designers who took interest in his expertise, experience and work. Furthermore, Bobby was able to implement stronger connections to his Italian heritage by practicing the language which he previously hadn't had much of an opportunity to do. Bobby's Fellowship experience also positively changed his practice. Having spent time researching ideas around sustainability in jewellery making, Corica open sources scrap leather and waste materials, seeing how they can be repurposed into packaging and new products for his business. Bobby Corcia's work is available through his website, NGV Design Store and Craft Victoria.

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Dal Zotto Fellowship Grapes
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