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Rosewood Research

Fellowship Application Form

Applications dates TBC.

Rosewood Research and the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) are offering an international applied research Fellowship in the amount of $12,500 (less GST) .

The 2023 Rosewood Research Fellowships award funds for two seperate strands of research: one in nutrition in aged care and the other in artisan baking techniques, involving grain research.

Nutrition in Aged Care

• Provide an overview of the innovative ageing approaches adopted internationally and quantify the outcomes

• Develop a review of the role of nutrition, food science & innovation in food is contributing to the world best outcomes for ageing populations.

• Evaluate the contribution of cereal and grain products role in the diet and better health outcomes

• Provide recommendations on how Australia may adopt some of the innovation ageing findings

Applications should focus on the following areas:

• Nutrition in aged care settings

• World’s best practice in valuing and supporting the contribution their ageing population is making to their communities

• The social and emotional needs of the ageing population and the role of diet and cereal /grain foods

Artisan Baking Fellowship


(Vocational Education & Training)

The 2021 Rosewood Research International Fellowship (Artisan Baking) provides an opportunity for individuals to acquire higher-level skills and drive leading practice and innovation in Australia.

Objectives of the Fellowship are to:

• Research the artisan grains, milling and baking industry in Europe’s most advanced and mature markets.

• Develop an overview of the artisan farming, milling & baking training programs that are supporting the growth and maturity of these industries.

Contrast this with the Australian artisan baking industry highlighting our strengths, weaknesses & recommendations for improvements.

Applications should focus on the following areas:

• Artisan baking educators

• World’s best practice in making artisan baked food

• Grain techniques

Rosewood Research

Rosewood Research is a state-of-the-art grain research facility, our mission is to support the furtherance of research in Australia within the grains and bread related industries. We are an organisation whose heritage lies in providing cutting edge research, training facilities and services for the grains, flour milling, grains processing and grain-based food industries.

International  Specialised  Skills Institute (ISS Institute)

The ISS Institute was founded 30 years ago, by a small group of innovative leaders who had a vision of building a community of industry specialists who would lead the up skilling of the Australian workforce. Investing in the development of talented, passionate and innovative Australians to travel abroad to develop new skills and knowledge and return to Australia to disseminate their learnings has, and continues to create a ‘better skilled Australia.’ The Institute has funded and supported over 500 Fellows, and all have become agents of change and drivers of innovation within their professional communities. Our Fellows represent a broad cross-section of industries and our Fellowship program creates impact in many ways including economic benefits, skills preservation, the personal and professional advancement of our Fellows, new thinking, practice and increased innovation in the workforce.

Open for applications in 2023
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