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Fellowship Reports

Underpinning the Fellowship program is the expectation that all Fellows return to Australia and actively seek opportunities to disseminate their learnings and assume a role of influencer, innovator and change-maker within their industry sector or area of work. This approach ensures that the benefits and outcomes of the Fellowships achieve a far broader reach than the individual Fellows and facilitates impacts at an organisational, sectoral and community level.

The education sector, industry development and employment support.

Heritage, conservation, art and design.

Building & Construction, Architecture & Design, Environment & Sustainability.

Manufacturing, automotive, food, tourism, aquaculture and animal practices.

Latest updates

The International Skills Institute provides many Fellowship opportunities each year. We also hold annual events to celebrate the success of our Fellows.


Fellows appointed over 29 years


Countries visited by Fellows


Industry sectors of Fellows

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Fellowships Available

Each year, we have a range of Fellowship opportunities available.

Events 2020

ISSI holds regular events to celebrate the success of our Fellows.

2020 Fellows

The George Alexander Foundation

Grace Barrand

2020 GAF Fellow

Natalie Carfora

2020 GAF Fellow

Amelia O’Donnell

2020 GAF Fellow

Avril Buchanan

2020 GAF Fellow

Natalie Delaney-John

2020 GAF Fellow

Higher Education and Skills

Bettina Twyman

2020 HES Fellow

Leonard Spain

2020 HES Fellow

Michael Mathew

2020 HES Fellow

Paul Boys

2020 HES Fellow

Rajesh Iyer

2020 HES Fellow

Melanie Kyle

2020 HES Fellow

Rakesh Saha

2020 HES Fellow

Kay Schlesinger

2020 HES Fellow

Karen Hart

2020 HES Fellow

Nenagh Brosnan

2020 HES Fellow

Bill Mundy

2020 HES Fellow

Italian Australian Foundation 

Isabella McRae

2020 IAF Fellow

Michael Capuzza

2020 IAF Fellow

Natalie Rose Casaniti

2020 IAF Fellow

Joe Pagnoccolo

2020 IAF Fellow

“The Fellowship program is a light in our sector. It provides unique opportunities for professionals to test their boundaries, innovate and inspire. I believe the true impacts of many Fellowships will not be felt immediately but form the foundation of advocacy. My Ffellowship means that a community facing many levels of disadvantage is now being looked at as a model of engagement. A journey that has willingly been shared with them, it is not my journey but ours!”

"This Fellowship allowed me to attend a nine week internship at the INSTAP centre in Eastern Crete. During which time I also visited 13 archaeological sites and three archaeological museums. This Fellowship has had a positive impact on my confidence in my abilities as a conservator as well as allowing me to develop my networking skills. I feel more prepared to step into private practice in Melbourne with better hand skills and experience of a wider range of treatments.``

"Wonderful opportunity and thank you for supporting our ability to look beyond our borders and see firsthand some amazing examples of best practice and inspiring programs."

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